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I've been into dollhouse miniatures since the early 1990's now and when I realized how much I've learned during that time, I thought I'd make a blog to share my knowledge with others. I'm mostly auto-deduct, but always found help on the Internet and in specific books. The mini-world starts and ends with your own imagination, so let there be no limit. And never say : I CAN'T .... because you can, you just need to try and have the necessary know-how. And that's the main reason why I started this blog, because I wanna share what I know with newbies in the miniature world or anybody else who might be interested in sharing what I've learned so far. So, hopefully, I'll be able to provide some useful hints, tips and tricks for those of you out there just starting with this wonderful hobby

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March 5, 2012


Here are a few pictures to warn those among you who never unpacked a really big dollhouse ..... this one here is the Grosvenor Hall with basement. I mean, you really get nuts here; first there were 6 different boxes, heavy big boxes. I couldn't even lift them .... my husband had to get them down the stairs for me. then you start with number 1 and before you get to the last box, hours have gone by and you don't know anymore where to put all the pieces. Although I'm lucky to have a great workplace, I definitely didn't know where to put everything ..... at least, once you have unpacked everything, you start to get an idea of how long it's going to take you approximately until such a big house will be finished.

But such a house should be every miniaturists dream, don't you think ?

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