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I've been into dollhouse miniatures since the early 1990's now and when I realized how much I've learned during that time, I thought I'd make a blog to share my knowledge with others. I'm mostly auto-deduct, but always found help on the Internet and in specific books. The mini-world starts and ends with your own imagination, so let there be no limit. And never say : I CAN'T .... because you can, you just need to try and have the necessary know-how. And that's the main reason why I started this blog, because I wanna share what I know with newbies in the miniature world or anybody else who might be interested in sharing what I've learned so far. So, hopefully, I'll be able to provide some useful hints, tips and tricks for those of you out there just starting with this wonderful hobby

March 19, 2012


  • Hi everybody ...... today I would like to talk about polymer clay. I've been a hobby miniaturist in 1:12 scale for almost 18 years now but so far, I never tried myself at making mini food. Well, I tried to make a few cups and plates a few years ago, but since they ended up looking really terrible, I kinda gave up, which I usually never do. But I thought that this FIMO thing just wasn't for me. But recently (a few weeks ago) I started to look into my books again about making dollhouse food out of polymer clay and this time, I tried to find some tips on the Internet and I found many helpful tutorials on youtube. And after a while, I started to buy some FIMO and gave it another try. I already had a lot of other accessories, like a pasta machine and many tools like an extruder f.ex. And this is what I ended up with ..... it seems like I just can't put it down anymore, lol. OK, I still need to learn a lot, that's why I practice almost every day. But it's getting better a little bit each time.

Some square and rectangular plates to serve chinese or japanese food

Tea Time

A bowl

A plate of ham/cheese sandwiches

March 18, 2012


I have a friend at work who makes beautiful pottery (real life size) and one day, as we sat together for a cup of coffee, we talked about our hobbies and I came to ask her if she would maybe try and make some plates for me in 1:12 dollhouse scale. Here are some of them which I painted, since she gave them to me in their "natural" color. I tried this very colorful southern (or mexican) style. In the next pictures, you'll be able to see the details.

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