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I've been into dollhouse miniatures since the early 1990's now and when I realized how much I've learned during that time, I thought I'd make a blog to share my knowledge with others. I'm mostly auto-deduct, but always found help on the Internet and in specific books. The mini-world starts and ends with your own imagination, so let there be no limit. And never say : I CAN'T .... because you can, you just need to try and have the necessary know-how. And that's the main reason why I started this blog, because I wanna share what I know with newbies in the miniature world or anybody else who might be interested in sharing what I've learned so far. So, hopefully, I'll be able to provide some useful hints, tips and tricks for those of you out there just starting with this wonderful hobby

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January 12, 2017

The MOUNTFIELD Dollhouse Interior .... 2) The Bedroom

Let's continue our tour of my MOUNTFIELD with the Master Bedroom

For the flooring I chose these spanish tiles, which I also really really love in real life.
And since the dominant color in these is blue, I also added blue dotted wallpaper to one wall.

It is a cozy room and since we have a seperate dressing room, no need for a wardrobe here, which left me some space to add other pieces of furniture. Again I made a lot of items myself .... I'll be posting more details about those soon in the DIY section of this blog.

While going through my stash, I found a pair of shutters. I bought those as unfinished (not painted, naked) pieces and I decided to give them an aged shabby look .... I think this worked out quite well, didn't it ? 😊 On the old trunk, which I handpainted too, you can see some other of my DIY items, like the bowl, the neclace, the 2 little pots, and even the mirror .... my first try at making a mould and then using plaster to make the mirror. Didn't turn out so bad either.

Just a quick look at another corner of the room

... and a closer look at my DIY items

I found these wonderful side tables in an Internet Dollhouse shop, just added some gold color and use them as bedside tables in my bedrom

I bought a couple of new table lamps, thought these might look better on those nice tables

Hm, sorry, just realized that this picture isn't very good .... sorry, I'll make a better one soon

I buy almost all my furniture unfinished, so I can paint and decorate them just the way I want.
I chose a light green for this one, since it fits well with the light blue on the wall as well as with the flooring in this room.

Some more necklaces I made 

NEXT UP ....... the Living Room, so stay tuned

See ya  😘


  1. Hi Dany
    I agree with you that your bedroom is really cozy! I also like the way you have arranged it and accessorized it with personal items that reflect the personality of the owner.
    You've made a really charming and comfortable bedroom! :D


    1. Hi Liz
      thanks again for your nice comments ...... sometimes I wish I could have this house in real life, I think I would make everything exactly the way I did in miniature :) :) :)
      See ya

  2. Es muy acogedora la habitación!


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