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I've been into dollhouse miniatures since the early 1990's now and when I realized how much I've learned during that time, I thought I'd make a blog to share my knowledge with others. I'm mostly auto-deduct, but always found help on the Internet and in specific books. The mini-world starts and ends with your own imagination, so let there be no limit. And never say : I CAN'T .... because you can, you just need to try and have the necessary know-how. And that's the main reason why I started this blog, because I wanna share what I know with newbies in the miniature world or anybody else who might be interested in sharing what I've learned so far. So, hopefully, I'll be able to provide some useful hints, tips and tricks for those of you out there just starting with this wonderful hobby

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April 11, 2015



I must say I don't like that plain brownish wooden furniture very much, even though it goes well with that kind of dollhouse. This "Dorfpuppenhaus", as the name says, is kind of a village house or a farm house and of course, you wouldn't use modern furniture, would you ?

Most of the furniture you see in the pics below are simple brown wooden pieces, which I kind of "pimped up" with a few very simple techniques, I just like it a little more colored, can't help it


You can simply add dots or flower decals (both need to be varnished in order to hold), you can add pieces of flowered paper (either self printed or from dollhouse wallpaper left-overs), add some lace for a more shabby look.

Of course, there's always the option to entirely sand and re-paint a piece of furniture. Add some DIY miniature accessories and you'll see what a difference it will make to your entire room

For these chairs, I simply added a few flower decals and some dots with acrylic paint 
and varnish to finish

Same for the table, with a little bit of additional lace

the Rocking Chair

Here I used some colored paper with a nice flower pattern (which I usually find somewhere around the Internet, transfer it to my computer and print it out)

Same technique here .... once I glued on the paper on top, I added the sink and a few of my other DIY items and now this bathroom table looks just the way I wanted

πŸ‘― πŸ‘― πŸ‘― πŸ‘― πŸ‘― 

For the cradle, I used these self-adhesive relief stickers, but in order to get the motive thick enough, you'll need to glue at least 3 on top of each other.

Another way to get a nice touch is to glue these stickers first and paint afterwards, give's a good end result too. Once the paint is dry, you can always go over the motive with a different color if you like, that's entirely up to you and your imagination

Here I used leftovers from some wallpaper 

I'm sure you all have some fabric leftovers around (should be with a very tiny pattern of course if you want to use it for your miniature projects .... or simply buy the fabric in a dollhouse shop, that way, you'll make sure the size of the pattern is correct) ....
anyway, such a cute little bedding is quickly made and there's no sewing needed, I'm always using special fabric glue

It is a shame that I can't sew, neither by hand, nor with a sewing machine, because my Daddy was a tailor and he always tried to get me to it, but it just isn't my thing

Here, I simply added a few roses (decals) to add a more shabby touch

These miniature chest can be found anywhere, either dollhouse shops, hobby and craft stores, even Amazon (there's nothing you can't find on Amazon anyway, haha)

So I painted mine red with a black top (I just love to use colors) and filled it ... ready to find it's place in the bedroom

A cozy kitchen .... I don't just change the furniture here, but I also use my own wallpapers, borders, flooring, railings etc. ... just love to add my very personal touches to all my miniature projects

Both this chair and the barrel did not come with the furniture for this house (remember ... it's  house that's being assembled over a time period of 2 years, it comes with a magazine, 4 issues a month)
but I painted both items and added them to my kitchen

Here are the canisters I made and one of my bowls

It's always a must to add my own DIY items to every dollhouse
As you can see, with just a few little tricks, you can easily sort of pimp up your dollhouse furniture

Have fun and stay tuned
there's more to come

See ya 

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