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I've been into dollhouse miniatures since the early 1990's now and when I realized how much I've learned during that time, I thought I'd make a blog to share my knowledge with others. I'm mostly auto-deduct, but always found help on the Internet and in specific books. The mini-world starts and ends with your own imagination, so let there be no limit. And never say : I CAN'T .... because you can, you just need to try and have the necessary know-how. And that's the main reason why I started this blog, because I wanna share what I know with newbies in the miniature world or anybody else who might be interested in sharing what I've learned so far. So, hopefully, I'll be able to provide some useful hints, tips and tricks for those of you out there just starting with this wonderful hobby

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March 31, 2012



So, let's talk a bit more making flowers

Last time we spoke about Flower Soft, today's post is about making flowers with kits.
They are a great way to make your flowers and plants, because the kit contains everything you'll need, but you won't have to buy all the punches and colored paper and wire etc.

These beautiful flowers have been made with a kit from Bonnie Lavish, check out her website, it's worth it. It is a job that needs a steady hand, good eyes (help yourself with a magnifier glass) and some patience, but since in the kit, the flowers are already cut, it makes things a little easier.

Below are a few more examples of flowers and plants I made with these kits

The choices are endless as you can see and the end result is really very satisfying

You should check out the link below, they have a huge choice of kits and I've tried them, they're really wonderful

Have fun, my little mini gardeners out there

See ya

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